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Driving Risks in Wake of Polar Vortex

In the wake of the Polar Vortex's record lows comes a dramatic rise in temperature--one that could rapidly melt snow and flood roadways. Flooded roads are dangerous. Here's what to remember when you encounter one.

Tips For Winter Driving As Polar Vortex Recharges

A week after the Polar Vortex set record low temperatures for large swaths of North America, in comes another frigid weather system that will again scatter subzero temperatures across the Midwest and Canada.

Headed out? Keep these winter driving safety tips in mind.

Technology That Keeps An Eye On Teen, Elderly Drivers

Fleet managers have long held the ability to monitor where their drivers are and how fast they are going.

Now that technology is finding its way into modern vehicles, and companies are marketing it to people who share their vehicles with inexperienced, elderly or perhaps untrustworthy drivers.

Banish Performance-Robbing Crud From Your Engine

Whether it’s a flashy sports car or an older vehicle that’s seen better days, the engine is vulnerable to carbon buildup.

Learn how carbon deposits invade your engine, how they can diminish your fuel economy and what you can do about it.

Safety Reminders For Foggy Weather Driving

Driving becomes particularly dangerous this time of year as fog blankets roadways and cuts visibility, leaving drivers with shorter reaction times.

Here’s some safety reminders for driving in heavy fog.

All Dressed Up: Get Your Tires Jet-Black

Something about shiny, jet black tires just makes a vehicle visually pop. The only real question is how glossy do you want your tires? There’s a few ways to get the look, here’s what to know.

Next Gen Wiper Blades Improve Visibility

Manufacturers continue making subtle improvements to the humble windshield wiper blade. Upgraded blades swap out the traditional rubber for silicone, and a few premium blades even come pre-coated with rain repellent, a subtle touch that enhances visibility in a downpour.

Hitting The Road For Decadent Chocolate

What’s not to like about chocolate? It’s aphrodisiac, a late-night indulgence and (this time of year) a symbol of affection.

Here's where can you find the best of the dark stuff.

Breathe Easier With New Cabin Air Filter

Just like your home, your vehicle has a air filter that needs routine replacement.

The cabin air filter is essential for delivering clean air to passengers. When was the last time it was inspected and replaced?