12 Service, Safety Tips For Spring

All hail, spring! Warmer days, daffodils, baseball and car upkeep. Here’s our 12 seasonal service and safety tips.

Don’t let those winter issues become big problems in spring and derail that long-awaited get-away. And we’ve included a few items to make that ride more enjoyable, too.

  1. Schedule your vehicle’s bi-annual checkup. Bring it to your trusted service advisor for the spring inspection. This important service can identify small problems before they become expensive repairs.
  2. Look for leaks underneath your vehicle (see related article).
  3. Invest in a bike rack for you and your springtime adventures (see related article).
  4. Check tire inflation. Underinflated tires are a common problem that can cause blowouts and accelerated tread wear.
  5. Test your braking system and tell your service advisor if you hear any odd noises or feel any vibrations in the steering wheel.
  6. Listen to your vehicle when it starts in the morning. Does it struggle to turn over? Could be a weak or dying battery.
  7. Improve your springtime visibility and reduce glare. Grit and grime can cloud the exterior window surfaces and haze tends to build up on inside surfaces. Use window cleaner designed for vehicles.
  8. Reduce cabin allergens. Ask your service advisor to replace the cabin air filter. Your nostrils will thank you.
  9. Vacuum out the cabin and clean the rugs and mats. All that winter dirt also contributes to your runny nose.
  10. Go green with a waterless car wash and wax solution. It works sparkling well and helps cut down on your water bill, too.
  11. Keep your pet safe while traveling. Invest in some pet accessories to help assure safe, springtime fun with Rover--pet seat belts, doggy seat covers, hammocks for the middle seat, portable water bowls, food hiking bag, swim vest.
  12. Purchase a bag of microfiber towels because, honestly, you never can have enough of them. They are inexpensive, great for cleaning, soaking up spills and wiping the sweat off your brow during those springtime hikes with your four-legged pal.